I am curating the BA-show of Kunstakademiet Oslo, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) Neste Nästa Næste opens May 11th and is open to May 20th.

Work notes - Audioplay in the University of Oslo

Work Notes by artists Prerna Bishnoi and Sindhu Thirumalaisamy is an audioplaylist with track notes, created for the installation MMMMM ... Alone (of all her sex) on Campus Blindern, UiO. The piece is 30 minutes long and curated into the associated programme of the installation itself. 

In Work Notes, we listen to the voices and words of Maryam Trine Skogen and Marion Rosen. They speak about their care work that can neither be fully contained in nor cast outside of their religious and political milieus. Rosen, a German refugee who settled in California, developed a technique of bodywork called Rosen Method. Skogen is a Rosen Method therapist, a Norwegian Muslim and a student of theology. Work Notes is synchronous with an emerging prayer space, Masjid al-Nisa, led by women and queer Muslims in Oslo, of which Skogen is a part.

Inn collaboration with the University Chaplains we set up an additional installation of the  sound piece – in Rom for tro og tanke on Blindern, Thursday 16.11.17 between 11.30AM-4.00PM.
I will be present for conversations about the piece and the art project in general. At the same time we are releasing the work online.

Collaborative with Nine Herbs Charm

Hannah Mjølsnes of the Nine Herbs Charm will perform a tea - serving of Stachys Officinalis (Bethony) while I recite texts from Hildegard von Bingen`s plant medicine, as written in her manuscript Physica from the 10th Century. The serving will bare in mind the plants’ needs and character, and is thought to facilitate a meeting between the visitor and the plant. 

The event is programmed for Oslo Art Weekend.
Photos: Daria Segal / Petrine Vinje

The Power of Motifs Conference

Co-curating and arranging the interdisciplinary conference the Power of Motifs has taken up a lot of my time the last year. This week it all sparks off, and I am looking forward to the talks of Marina Warner, Paul Binski, Roee Rosen, Jorunn Økland, Susanne Sæther and many more.

As part of the conference we are launching a publication and I am opening an installation on the University Campus named MMMMM ... Alone (of all her sex) - a title partly lent from Marina Warners "Alone of all her sex - the myth and the cult of Virgin Mary"

Have a look at our website for full program and news

MMMMM... Alone (Of all her sex)

I am currently working on the project MMMMM…Alone (of all her sex) – a temporary installation on the premises of the University of Oslo. 

The installation MMMMM…Alone (of all her sex) will serve as a platform for discussions, talks and creation of new artworks open to interaction with the public. It will feature visual and audiable artworks, performances, readings, a collection of texts in a publication, lectures and talks all within a temporary installation in public space constructed for the premises of Blindern, University of Oslo. MMMMM…Alone (of all her sex) aims to bring visitors into contact with the notions and view on the female as creator and political being, in opposition to the narrow understanding of the symbol Virgin Mary; mother and virgin. A survey of the development in Marian motifs will serve as a base for discussing overarching perspectives concerning the communication of motifs.

Phd. Karoline Kjesrud`s ongoing postdoctoral project "Marian Words & Marian Images. Motifs of Spiritual and Intellectual Mediation" hosts the interdisciplinary conference the Power of Motifs, and the commissioned installation will open on September 7th 2017 – on the occasion of the conference. 

PRAKSIS - OSLO artist talk

Christoffer Danielsson and myself joined PRAKSIS's residents to discuss our work and ideas. This event was part of PRAKSIS's mucker mate residency, with participants including artist Seamus Harahan (UK), choreographer/dancer Edwin Cabascango (EC), artist Laura Cooper (UK), and musician/designer Erlend Ringseth (NO). Thanks to PRAKSIS Oslo for having me! 

Photo: PRAKSIS - Oslo

Photo: PRAKSIS - Oslo