Work notes - Audioplay in the University of Oslo

Work Notes by artists Prerna Bishnoi and Sindhu Thirumalaisamy is an audioplaylist with track notes, created for the installation MMMMM ... Alone (of all her sex) on Campus Blindern, UiO. The piece is 30 minutes long and curated into the associated programme of the installation itself. 

In Work Notes, we listen to the voices and words of Maryam Trine Skogen and Marion Rosen. They speak about their care work that can neither be fully contained in nor cast outside of their religious and political milieus. Rosen, a German refugee who settled in California, developed a technique of bodywork called Rosen Method. Skogen is a Rosen Method therapist, a Norwegian Muslim and a student of theology. Work Notes is synchronous with an emerging prayer space, Masjid al-Nisa, led by women and queer Muslims in Oslo, of which Skogen is a part.

Inn collaboration with the University Chaplains we set up an additional installation of the  sound piece – in Rom for tro og tanke on Blindern, Thursday 16.11.17 between 11.30AM-4.00PM.
I will be present for conversations about the piece and the art project in general. At the same time we are releasing the work online.