MMMMM... Alone (Of all her sex)

I am currently working on the project MMMMM…Alone (of all her sex) – a temporary installation on the premises of the University of Oslo. 

The installation MMMMM…Alone (of all her sex) will serve as a platform for discussions, talks and creation of new artworks open to interaction with the public. It will feature visual and audiable artworks, performances, readings, a collection of texts in a publication, lectures and talks all within a temporary installation in public space constructed for the premises of Blindern, University of Oslo. MMMMM…Alone (of all her sex) aims to bring visitors into contact with the notions and view on the female as creator and political being, in opposition to the narrow understanding of the symbol Virgin Mary; mother and virgin. A survey of the development in Marian motifs will serve as a base for discussing overarching perspectives concerning the communication of motifs.

Phd. Karoline Kjesrud`s ongoing postdoctoral project "Marian Words & Marian Images. Motifs of Spiritual and Intellectual Mediation" hosts the interdisciplinary conference the Power of Motifs, and the commissioned installation will open on September 7th 2017 – on the occasion of the conference. 

Petrine Vinje