Wunderkammer / Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Installation view, Wunderkammer, Ultima Academy 

Installation view, Wunderkammer, Ultima Academy 

Ultima Academy is an international symposium that takes place during Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. I am co-curating this years Wunderkammer at the Kulturhuset, together with Helga Marie Nordby. The Wunderkammer at Kulturhuset is an experimental interpretation of the Renaissance-style cabinet of curiosities that connects works presented at the Ultima Festival 2015 to the world of nature and of natural sciences. 

Created by professional artists and students, this audiovisual exhibition is also stage for the lectures, performances, screenings and conversations of Ultima Academy 2015.
Concept Heloisa Amaral.
Curators: Helga-Marie Nordby and Petrine Vinje.
Supervision: Dirkjan van der Linde (KHIO)

Works by Jan Moszumanski, Hilde Halvorsrød, Dirkjan van der Linde, Magnus Oledal, Serina Erfjord, Susanne Winterling, Anton Jawdokimov, Ask Vatne Brean, Magnus Myrtveit, Jannicke Kristoffersen, Petrine Vinje

Petrine Vinje