Public comissions

Public commissions for KORO – Public Art Norway

Photos 1-7: 
Prosjekt (2014)
Helga, Dagfinn, Judith, Rita, Nawal (2014) 
Created for the Research Council Norway, at their new localities in Drammensveien 288, Oslo.

Prosjekt is a relief with 59 elements, each made out of two pieces of birch-plywoodset together in different angles. The elements is covered with acrylics and natural oil.

The relief draws together the architectonical essence of the postmodern architecture in Drammensveien 288. Helga, Dagfinn, Judith, Rita, Nawal is a series of sculptures in welded steel and wooden constructions covered with pigmented cement-stucco. The sculptures are based on the classical amphi-theatre - a dialogue theatrein ancient times (600-200 B.C) and later on in the Roman Empire. The installation in the public area of the Research Council Norway continues the thought of science as an arena for discussion and participation.
Photos: Werner Zellien

Photos: 8-10
Om å rystes (2017)
Om å reagere, stille (2017) 

LINKEN an office-building on secured area at Camp Jørstadmoen, Fåberg, Norway. 

Photos: 11-12

S.I.G.N.A.L.E.T (2015)
Created for public space on Camp Jørstadmoen, Fåberg, Norway.